The following matters will be discussed:  

A Structure and properties of biomaterials

A1 Bio-nano materials
A2 Bioactive materials, bioglass and calciumphosphates
A3 Biodegradable materials
A4 Bioinspired materials / biomimetic materials
A5 Biological materials and biomineralization
A6 Computational biomaterials science
A7 Hydrogels and biobased & synthethic polymers
A8 Imaging of biomaterials 

B Biological response to biomaterials

B1 Biofilms & antimicrobial biomaterials
B2 Biocompatibility
B3 Biointerfaces and microenvironments
B4 Clinical performance and microenvironments
B5 Multi-functional biomaterials

C Biomaterials applications

C1 Current and future challenges for the MedTech industry
C2 Dental materials
C3 Drug and gene delivery
C4 Innovation in fabrication including 3D printing / additive manufacturing / 
      biofabrication of biomaterials 
C5 Responsive and smart biomaterials
C6 Tissue engineering / regenerative medicine
C7 Materials for Ophthalmology

D Biopolymer-based biomaterials

D1 Special Session „Biopolymer-based biomaterials“