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Plenary Lecture

Digital Light Projection Stereolithography Bioprinting and Guided Mineralization of Microscale Tissue Models to Study Stem Cell Differentiation and Bone Tissue Engineering

Thursday (09.05.2019)
08:30 - 09:00

08:30 - 09:00

Fabrication of three-dimensional tissues with controlled microarchitectures has been shown to enhance tissue functionality. Our group has been interested in developing 3D bioprinting, biofabrication and materials chemistry-based technologies to enhance our ability to regenerate tissues with controlled microarchitectures, physical properties and overall function. In this seminar, we will present novel SLA/DLP-based 3D printing methods to fabricate high-throughput screening platforms to probe mechanotransduction and geometry-controlled mechanisms of stem cell differentiation. Further, we will discuss recent biomineralization methods that our lab has developed to engineer bone-like tissues with nanoscale precision. This novel method will be discussed in light of its ability to replicate the native bone vasculature, innervation, composition, and osteoinductive properties, as well as its ability of replicating the process of cancer invasion (metastasis) into bone.

Ph.D. Luiz Bertassoni
Oregon Health and Science University