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ZnMg0.8Ca0.2 alloy as a biodegradable material

Thursday (09.05.2019)
15:40 - 16:00
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Zinc-based materials belong to the metallic materials considered as potential candidates for the fabrication of biodegradable implants. Although, pure zinc possesses insufficient mechanical properties for load-bearing applications, its alloys fulfill the criteria for orthopaedic applications. Elements from the second group of the periodic table seem to be very suitable alloying elements, because beside strenghtening, they enhace biological response as well.

In this work, we studied influence of various thermal and thermomechanical treatment of the ZnMg0.8Ca0.2 alloy on their microstructural, mechanical, corrosion and biological properties.

Dr. Jaroslav Capek
Czech Academy of Sciences
Additional Authors:
  • Jan Pinc
    Czech Academy of Sciences
  • Dr. Jiri Kubasek
    University of Chemistry and Technology Prague
  • Dr. Lukas Lacina
    First Faculty of Medicine of Charles University